Our History at Bankton House Hotel

Our History

A forgotten building that was almost lost forever until 1980; When an Edinburgh businessmen named Sergio Candusso recognised its once lived potential; And By 1984, with his vision to restore and re-erect piece by piece slowly over 4 years and restore this historical Scottish dwelling and its over grown gardens and grounds back to its original state and beauty for the general public to enjoy; sadly after his passing at 45 years of age, his dream was continued in 1984 by his widow Angela;

This family run hotel, of now three generations, has become a recognized historic building and a valuable part of the local community to enjoy, with its shortcut walk through being used by nearby residential neighbours, to the local shops and railway link of Livingston South station and its family friendly facilities of local lounge bar and bistro; But ‘The Bankton House’ history, as it lends its self gracefully and generously to the public allowing its guests and visitors to experience and enjoy all that it offers, must not be forgotten that this was almost a forgotten and lost forever building!